Waltz workshop taught by Susana Miller

Saturdays in September in El Beso

01/09 Waltz rhythm. The walk. Differences between waltz and tango rhythm.

08/09 A hallucinating turn that’s very milonguero; double sacada to the right and left (also useful for tango).

15/09 Three backward corridas that……………..turn!!!

22/09A super-interesting traspie!! Useful for milonga, waltz and tango.

29/09 Hey girl! Let’s turn as we walk. Hold on!! It’s like being on the carrousel together! Various combinations with the sequences studied. In addition, there’ll be a video to illustrate the steps for all participants of the workshop.

We’ll be waiting for you every Saturday in September
at 9:00 p.m. in El Beso, Riobamba 416.

To reserve and for more information: 15-4938-8108 or 15-3166-4800