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Program 2011

1. For all the levels

Posture, embrace, balance. Walkings. How to avoid the pain in the feet. Rithmical concept in milonguero. Double time.

2. First and second level

Basics of the milonguero style. There are no steps but situations. Balance and coneccion in ochos and turns.       Keys to guive and receive the "marca".

3. Second level: Vals

Rithmical pattern in vals. Turns with dobble sacada (right and left. How to integrate new steps to your sequences. Relaxation and balance techniques.

4. First and second level

Tango, sequences of the old guard. Voleos. A method to study.

5. First and second level

Milonga caminada. A traspie here and there.

6. Second level

How to dance Pugliese .Barridas milongueras. Pauses.

7. Second level

Stacatto in D'arienzo. Backward corridas in the line of dancing.

8. Women technique, the basic 6 steps of the woman.

Technique for presence and lightness. Fluidity to moove legs and feet.

9. Tecnique for men.

Eyes forward make you walk in balance and in connection with the partner. How to relax the spine, how to dance grounded.



In the last 5' of each class the students can tape all the things we did.