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I'm interested in helping people to improve posture ,balance and sensitivity in the lead an follow roles. I encourage students to develope their own unique improvisational styles through knowledge of the music, space and body. My classes emphasise step quality and rythm and impart choreography vocabulary that allows dancers to creatively shape their own lenguage.

Learning had some painful aspects because you can't do things in the way you would like, but that happens with everything new you learn. That it happens with every body, and is good to know it, so you can allow yourself going better gradually. The very good teachers and dancers have been going the same way. Balance, music, conection, and navigation are related to one another, they all depend not only on your technical knowledge but mainly in positive emotions and in your autoidentity.

You have to feel well about yourself and inside your body, to accept mistakes,and learn through them. This make you relax, breathe, keep your balance and distribute properly the energies.

To go far you have to start close, to begin with it is simple. My goal is to make it pleasant and from there is like and adventure, you go more deep and complex.

My teaching is based on the power of the walking, which is the simplest but most difficult thing in tango.

You have to go to the academy, learn, go to the dance floor and watch.

After a while is good to jump in the pool, even if you are a little scare! Then you don't think about it anymore, it's incorporated into your organism. It's more or less what happens when you begin to drive a car.

Tango is part of a culture, with a lot of history, with a reach interiority. It is the portenio culture that tango has. But for people from abroad who are interested in that culture because they like it, they have as many possibilities of dancing and interpreting the "tanguedad" of tango that an argentine has. There are many argentines who can't because they don't like it.

I use a lot of figures, games and exercises to express what is an embrace. It is not an easy point because it's just an embrace, so it's difficult to explain it technically. People all over the world like the music and like to embrace. Everybody has more or less the same feelings: love, tenderness, anger, fearceness, have a sense of humor, etcetera. That's why everybody can dance tango all over the world.

I encourage people to imagine situations like meeting an old friend in the stree: It has been a lot time since you last saw him and you really wanted to see him again. It's no a sexual feeling, it's a human feeling.That's the embrace!

The teacher doesn't teach. The students learn. The teacher shows, gives a key, the students learn in different ways, each one has a different capacity to be permeable. I always teach something new from something old.

For the guys tango is more complex because they have to coordinate two choreographies and they have to be in charge of the navigation and the music. So they need more time to learn.

Depending on the room available we can step very big but dancing socially you have to be able to lead eight or "twenty steps" for the lady and you still didn't make a move from your tile. When you can explain this to the people, they feel you give them a key that will allow them to move the way they want and this makes them happy.

I try to make people feel that they are doing something. I think this helps the beginners to upograde to a second level, when they are able to make the lady cross the left foot, they don't quit..